Self-Care Myths Debunked

Despite self-care being something of a buzzword in recent years, there are still plenty of myths that surround it.

We’ve decided to break free of the stigma and debunk the myths that are so often associated with something that is actually healthy and will help build a happier you.

Self-care is expensive

If you think self-care is all about spa treatments and yoga retreats, you’ve got it all wrong. Self-care doesn’t have to be about pampering yourself in a materialistic way at all.

It can be as simple as taking the time to breathe deeply, having a long hot bath or reading a book in the sun. Self-care can be completely free; you just have to choose something that is therapeutic for you.

Self-care is for narcissists

If you think that taking care of yourself equates being narcissistic, think again! Self care is something that everyone needs, and it is not self serving, vain or selfish. It’s looking after yourself and your mental health!

You deserve to look after yourself and out yourself first- that’s not narcissistic at all!

Self-care must be perfect

If you’re waiting for the exact right time, the perfect weather and the stars to align before you do the things that are going to nourish your life. STOP. There is never going to be the perfect time, so any time IS perfect.

Step away from whatever is causing you stress and embrace a bit of space, the right time is NOW.

Self-care is time consuming

To a degree this is true, but it is not TOO time consuming that it should be ignored. Taking time for you is crucial, and it is time well spent.

It is easy to believe that taking time for yourself is actually a luxury and one that you should only squeeze in when you have done everything else you need to do, but this totally defeats the point. Think of self-care as exercise, you make time for it because it is important!

Self-care needs special tools

Expensive facemasks. A state of the art mobile phone for sports betting NZ. A fancy e-reader to read books on. A special yoga mat. Essential oils that cost half a months salary. NONE of these things are crucial to your well-being or to self-care.

They are all added extras that can be considered luxuries. You don’t need to keep up with the Jones’ when looking after yourself. None of these luxury items are the key to enlightenment, in fact, they may well get in the way! The only special tools you need are yourself, a clear mind and the ability to breathe.

Self-care has rules

Possibly the silliest myth, but the one that is often believed. Self-care is not a clearly defined thing and what it means for you will be different to what it means for other people.

There are no hard and fast rules for self-care, you need to decide what makes you feel better and what works for you. We are al different and all enjoy different things, so it makes sense that what we consider self-care will differ too!