The Best Herbs To Take For Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is not like flipping a switch – people aren’t able to just go from sad to happy. There are levels of management that need to be attained before a person is able to start controlling their own mental health problems.

One way of getting more control over mental health is by supplementing, although this doesn’t mean taking Vitamin D or C every day. Sometimes it can be as simple as adding a specific herb to lunch or dinner. Certain herbs are packed with a range of vitamins, minerals, and other organic chemicals that have been shown to improve mental health.


Sour Date

Also commonly known as jujube, this is one of the herbs that’s most recommended for anyone that suffers from sleeping problems. Daily activities can be extremely draining on those that are also trying to manage their own mental health, so having a good night’s sleep every night is the best way of recharging the batteries in a reliable way.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a traditional herb that’s comprised of two natural chemicals that have been proven to improve the brain’s overall health. One of these is a powerful antioxidant that’s known as salidroside and is recommended for anyone that suffers from mood problems. The other is known as rosin and has been shown to reduce the amount of inflammation that is suffered by neurons, and some believe that it can be an effective form of protection against neurotoxicity. Taking this as a supplement can have a positive effect on mood and help the taker to better deal with more stressful situations.


Passionflower is a vine that’s found around the world, and it comes in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Studies have shown that taking passionflower regularly, almost always as tea, is a great way of relieving anxiety, and for providing better overall sleep. It’s easy enough to make, and requires boiling some fresh or dried passionflowers in water for around 20 minutes or so, more than enough time to sit and read the news or see what Online Keno bonuses are available.


Saffron is renown throughout the globe for its high price and unique flavour, and its higher asking price can make it fairly difficult to get a hold of, but it can be worth it thanks to its amazing ability to balance mood. Along with this, saffron is known for creating calm in the mind, and for relieving stress, even it’s just a little at a time.


Brahmi, which is also known as water hyssop, this is an herb that’s mainly used for Improving memory as well as reducing stress. Research has shown that brahmi has the ability to cut down on cortisol – the stress hormone of the body – making it an excellent choice for those that tend to suffer from anxiety. Along with this, many believe that it can help protect against the natural ageing of the brain as we get older.