The Top Exercises For Mental Health

The human race has undergone a strange change in the last two decades. Where mental health was once laughed off by most healthcare professionals, it’s now turned into a massive industry of its own.

We live in a world where mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression are more prevalent than ever before, and huge amounts of work are being put in to try and aid those that are suffering.

Like many of the medical problems we suffer as a collective, many types of mental health disorders have a physiological root in the brain, meaning that one of the first steps a person can take to improving their own mental health is by taking care of themselves on a physical level.

One of the best ways to do this is through exercise. Exercise has a proven link to the well being of our mental states, and most experts getting at least 3 days of exercise a week. These are some of the best exercises for mental health improvement.


Extremely easy to do and requires no expensive gear, running is something everyone should be doing at least once or twice a week. The runner’s high is a well-documented state of being that runners experience after they’ve gained a certain level of fitness. On top of this, being outside, especially in an area that has some natural beauty, can do wonders for our overall mental health, making it a doubly as beneficial.

Being outdoors is extremely healthy for us both mentally and physically, and hiking is another activity that experts suggest for those that are suffering. It most certainly won’t cure severe depression or anxiety, but it may help it bringing it down to a more manageable level, allowing you to have a clearer head at work, with family, and while enjoying your favourite hobbies, such as gardening or online blackjack.


Humans are naturally aggressive creatures; but our modern society rightly denies us the chance to take our aggression out on others. The best option then is to take up an activity that allows us to vent that aggression in a healthy way and ensures nobody else is hurt in the process, and few activities cover this better than boxing.

Boxing acts as both stress release and can be incredibly empowering, allowing us to channel all our frustrations into a punching bag rather into those that don’t deserve it. Boxing is highly recommended for those that struggle with anger management problems.


Yoga is perhaps one of the most recommended forms of exercises for those battling from mental health issues. This is because, while other exercises focus mainly on the body, yoga sets itself apart as it focuses on both the body and the mind.

Yoga is broken up into a range of different forms, each covering a different facet from relaxation to pure meditation.

Resistance Training

Bodybuilding and lifting weights is most commonly associated with gym rats, but there have been several studies completed linking resistance training to mental health.

Low-moderate intensity resistance training can help to reduce anxiety, but it can also help with cognition and the central nervous system, not to mention that it increases strength and stamina.