Tips For Helping A Partner With Poor Mental Health

Struggling with poor mental health can be incredibly difficult, but something that isn’t discussed as often is how difficult it is to be there for somebody who’s going through a difficult time. Whether you don’t know how to help them or you feel it may be bringing you down too, supporting somebody with mental health difficulties can be incredibly tough.

Unfortunately, there really is no easy answer – dealing with mental health issues is a massive challenge for everybody involved and it requires constant work and attention. However, that being said, there are several ways that you can try to ease the situation and be there for a partner in need.

Here are a few top tips for helping a partner who’s struggling with poor mental health.

Be Patient

The most important thing you can do when trying to help somebody who isn’t in a good mental state is to be patient. You may not fully understand what they’re going through – you almost certainly don’t – but you need to try your very best to be understanding and give them time.

Sometimes, as an outsider, you may look at their situation and think that it’s not so bad. However, it’s not always about the practical and pragmatic approach. Often, when somebody is depressed or struggling, the issues that they raise as being the cause of their problems are more of a symptom. Only they can make themselves feel better and deal with what’s going on, you can’t do it for them – so be patient and support them as they work through what’s going on in their head.

Be Kind

It can be incredibly frustrating to watch somebody you love treat themselves with less respect than you know they deserve. Sometimes, their thoughts may seem illogical, but you need to remember that whatever they’re feeling is their reality. Even if things don’t seem so bad to you, it may truly feel like the end of the world to them.

So be kind, be empathetic and listen and if this isn’t easy, take a step back, enjoy a bit of the online gambling NZ has to offer and regroup. A little bit of distance can offer you a better perspective of their emotional state.

Offer Support, Not Only Solutions

It can be tempting to try and throw out endless solutions when somebody you love tells you about their problems. But sometimes, that’s not what they need – what they really require is support, an ear and a hug. Support your partner through it all and encourage them to come up with their own solutions – of course, you can help!

Encourage Them to Seek Professional Help

The value of speaking to somebody with professional training cannot be overemphasised. If your partner is struggling with poor mental health, the best thing they can do is seek professional help. That way, they’ll be in good hands, they’ll be able to start working through their issues and you can rest assured that they’re safe.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t underestimate the psychological toll it can take on you – supporting somebody with poor mental health can be draining and tough. So make sure you’re looking out for yourself too, even if that means taking a step back sometimes.