Common Signs of Concealed Depression

Concealed depression is a term used by psychologists to describe someone that may have depression but may not know how to tell any of their loved ones about it.

Depression is extremely prevalent in today’s world, and knowing the secret signs to look out for may allow you to help someone you suspect may be suffering from depression.

Change of Regular Patterns

It is often a sign that something is not quite right when an individual seems to have changed the manner in which they sleep or eat. Sleep is the basis of physical health as well as mental health. If a person can not sleep (or sleeps far too long) on a daily basis, this may be an indication of hidden depression.

To attempt to quash their emotions, others switch to meat or alcohol. Overeating can help people who are depressed feel complete, which in turn makes them feel less mentally exhausted and strung out. Drinking can assist cover up the emotions of sorrow and loneliness that often go hand in hand with depression. Sometimes a person also goes in the other direction— losing all interest in food or drinking, or playing their favourite games at because they don’t see any point in it, or it doesn’t bring them any happiness.

Forcing A Happy Face

We’ve all seen someone who appears to be attempting to force happiness. Occasionally, it’s a mask we all carry. But the mask wears thin in most cases the longer you spend time with the person wearing it. That’s why many individuals with hidden depression try and spend as much time along as possible. They always seem to have a prepared excuse not to stick around, go to lunch, or see you.

It’s difficult to see individuals suffering with hidden depression behind the mask of happiness. It can be difficult for strangers or acquaintances to spot, but every now and again it will slip through the cracks for everyone to see.

A Cry For Help

People with hidden depression are constantly struggling to keep it under wraps. Sometimes they give up the fight to hide their real emotions and tell somebody close about it. They may even take the first step and create an appointment with a doctor or therapist, and hey may even make a few in a row.

But then the next day they wake up and feel like it’s too late to deal with their depression It would be acknowledging that they are truly depressed to seek help, and it’s enough to turn someone away from seeking more help in the future. This is a recognition that many individuals with hidden depression are struggling with and are unable to deal with in a healthy way, especially if it means being vulnerable.

More Intense Feelings

An individual with masked depression often experiences more intense feelings than others. A good example of this is someone who normally doesn’t cry while watching a TV show or film breaking out unexpectedly in tears during a poignant scene. Or someone who normally doesn’t get upset about anything unexpectedly grows very upset with a driver who cut them off in traffic. Or someone who usually doesn’t convey enthusiasm abruptly telling you they love you.