Achieving And Maintaining A Strong Self Image

In a world that demands everyone constantly examine themselves and compare their own value to that of others, it can be tricky to maintain a healthy self-image. After all, who can look favourably at their reflection in the mirror when they are constantly comparing themselves to flawless film stars?

This can create a situation where a person undervalues themselves, resulting in anxiety and even depression. But, with a few simple techniques, mental exercises and basic changes in perception, everyone can view themselves in a more favourable light.

Engage With The World

One of the biggest, often overlooked aspects of having a strong self-image is simply to engage with the world. Reclusive behaviour is often the result of fearing the judgement of others, and overcoming this fear is as easy as engaging with the world.

Sitting at a social gathering, playing New Zealand mobile pokies on a phone, isn’t particularly social. Such activities are best kept for personal time. Putting that phone away, looking up, and engaging with others will quickly dispel social fears.

Look Good, Feel Good

Taking pride in one’s appearance has an enormous impact on personal perceptions. There is no harm at all in taking pride in what you wear, grooming yourself, and looking good. As the cliché goes; looking good is feeling good. Putting aside time to care for your appearance has a knock on effect, instantly resulting in a stronger self-image.

Note that this does not mean spending a fortune on a new wardrobe, although a few new clothes also wouldn’t hurt. The important part is that personal pride elevates personal perception.

Caring For Your Personal Space

As with your personal appearance, caring for your personal space is equally important. The space in which you live should be a space in which you are comfortable. Taking the time to keep your living space neat, organised, and enjoyable to be in is extremely important.

Take some time, rearrange your living space, and make it a zone in which you love being. Again, the knock on effect is almost miraculous, instantly elevating personal perception. Again, this doesn’t mean spending a fortune. A Living space can be vastly improved, simply with a bit of spring cleaning. Yes, it may take some time and effort, but the reward is well worth the spent energy.

Be compassionate

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly; be compassionate with yourself. A low self-image often comes from regrets, and harsh self-criticism. Learning to forgive yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Always try to remember that redemption is possible, and that forgiveness is the key to finding that redemption.

Leave the past in the past, look towards the future, and focus on building a brighter tomorrow. It all starts with self-compassion, and remembering that everyone makes mistakes. The real trick is turning mistakes into lessons, and growing. It is another cliché that happens to be true.