The Use and Application of Food Therapy

Whether you are dealing with brittle bones, need a cure for a hangover, or are battling high blood pressure, you can add ingredients from your fridge to those you’re already using from your medicine cabinet!

Chew Away Those Blues

Eggs, fish, and meat, along with other sources of protein, are a great defence against depression. Research shows that tryptophan, one of the building blocks in protein, is a wonderful resource with those who suffer from this ailment.

Add more oily fish and nuts to your diet too. The brain needs the Omega-3s found in these foods to perform properly, and lacking in this polyunsaturated fatty acid can lead to depressive episodes.

Whole grains are also important, so add more oats and whole wheat bread to your menu. This will prevent your blood sugar levels from crashing and leaving you in an emotional, physical, and psychological slump. These foods are rich in folate and zinc, like fruits and vegetables are, and these nutrients really help keep you happy.

Cut out processed foods too and you may find that your feelings of sadness are more manageable.

Eat Up to Beat Your Hangover

Everyone knows that fry-ups are your friend when it comes to dealing with a hangover, but you need to eat them earlier on. Anything you ingest before you begin drinking can help to prevent a hangover, and fatty foods are a particularly good choice because they stick to your stomach lining for longer.

Try to avoid a fry-up the morning after, when fatty foods may just irritate your stomach, and stay away from coffee, since it will dehydrate you even more. Reach for fruit instead, especially bananas and kiwi fruit, rich in potassium. Eggs, which contain large amounts of cysteine, also work to break down the toxin acetaldehyde, which is responsible for creating your ill after-effects.

Sit back, taking it easy with some social media networking, eSports betting, or something else fun, snacking on these foods until you feel ready to get up and meet the day!

Dine Well and Manage Brittle Bones

While childhood is the most critical time to ingest the milk and dairy products that provide calcium to create strong, dense bones, diet remains important for bone-health in adulthood too.

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, because that’s where we find it, can also be found in other foods like breakfast cereals, oily fish and milk, and is essential as it enables your body to absorb calcium. Vitamin K, found in food like green leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, fish, and more, is also important for moving the calcium we’ve ingested from our arteries into our bones. Magnesium is also a vital factor when it comes to building bone tissue, so eat more chickpeas, potatoes, and nuts.

Let Your Menu Lower Your High Blood Pressure

Most people consume far too much salt, and cutting down can help to significantly reduce blood pressure. You should aim to keep your intake below 6.25 grams per 24-hours. The potassium and magnesium you’ll find in bananas and spinach will help lower blood pressure too.